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The National Data Centre Academy is the brainchild of Rachel and John Booth.  Co-directors in Carbon 3IT Ltd, Rachel and John have been running a sustainable IT consultancy for over 10 years and see a real need for specialised energy efficiency training within the data centre industry, something specifically hands-on and practical.  The industry globally is short of well trained staff and this will only increase as the demand for data centres rises with the need for more and more data processing.  The Academy will be independent from any one organisation and run on a not for profit basis enabling as many organisations as possible to be involved in the development of the facilities, for the sector by the sector.  John will be the NDCA Technical Director helping plan, develop and build the physical Academy working with our partners.  Overall Management will sit with Rachel Booth as the Managing Director.

The idea is to build an academy site that has a great mix of academic and hands-on training facilities for those currently working in the industry or about to embark on a career in the industry.  It will build on training that already exists in the market and add the extra practical aspects giving it a unique twist.  The team wants to explore training techniques and offer a wide variety of learning forms to enable all learners to get the best from their training.  We will work with training providers to incorporate these elements within their courses.

The NDCA team will look to work closely with a range of partners, being by the sector for the sector, offering great access to how a data centre works in practice and utilising kit and equipment to give a “how it works in a live situation'' feel to the courses. The site will be vendor neutral and any data centre organisations, providers, suppliers or users are welcome to use the facilities for sales, marketing, training, research and development purposes.  The NDCA will be a unique venue specifically for the data centre industry and its suppliers and work on a not for profit basis.
It is envisioned that the National Data Centre Academy will be a number of things:

A Permanent Exhibition Space
Where suppliers to the datacentre sector can showcase their products in a static or dynamic mode to clients as well as being on display to those using the Academy for training.

A Training Space
The NDCA will have a number of classrooms and other meeting spaces for the delivery of datacentre training covering all the disciplines, IT, M&E, Management, Operations, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and so on, with the added benefit of a:

A Practical Training and Demonstration Area
This will comprise a flexible practical datacentre training environment, where delegates can take their theoretical training into a practical environment, without fear of adversely affecting the operations of  their own facility.

A Research Area
Where data centre research and development can take place in a data centre environment to prove concepts, provide the environment that closely emulates a working data centre.


Rachel is looking forward to a challenging and more Client facing role building the new National Data Centre Academy

Rachel has been working within Carbon3IT Ltd as an operations manager for 12 years now and her role has extended to provide consultancy around quality management and heath and safety matters.

With a Masters degree from Hult (Ashridge), Rachel worked with a major UK charity in strategy and planning having previously worked for AT & T Ltd in a Quality Management Board level role.

Most recently she was mentioned in the Birthday Honours list for 2021 being awarded a British Empire Medal for her role in leading the Warwickshire Scrubbers who produced over 25,000 items including scrubs for healthcare environments in Warwickshire.

Rachel is looking forward to the challenge of the MD role in a new business.



John Booth is the NDCA Technical Director and in his role as Consultant with Carbon 3 IT Ltd has provided the technical input into our current release of courses.

He is heading up the development of the practical experience environment working closely with a number of equipment and Data Centre Build experts and suppliers.

John is a well known figure in EU Data Centre Circles primarily for his role as assessor for the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) standard and the assessment of applicants.  He works closely with the Certified Energy Efficiance Data Centre Award (CEEDA) and the Data Centre Alliance Certification.As Chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s (DCA) Energy Efficiency & member of the Sustainability Steering Group helping shaping DCA Policy.

More recently John has been appointed chair of the TCT7/3 Committee working on the EN50600 Data Centre Design and Build Standards and KPI’s.

With his own Sustainable IT Consultancy, Carbon3IT Ltd, John is well placed to curate the content of the first 6 courses offered through the Academy.



John Booth of Carbon3 IT Ltd brings a wealth of experience with him PRESENTING the first 6 courses HELD AT THE NDCA




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