Practical Data Centre Energy Efficiency (EUCOC)








Covering EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) and the practical implementation of the best practices.

Working through all 160 best practices looking at what they mean, how they can best be implemented in different situations and where there are cross overs.  It will also include a discussion of any changes that are up and coming and why they are being included in the future.

The course will include some practical hands-on sections to look at what implementing the best practices looks like in a real life scenario.

Course delivered by Carbon3IT Ltd.

The Benefits

You will come away with a great understanding of the EUCOC for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency), having taken a deep dive into each individual best practice and how to best implement these in different scenarios (or even if they apply). You will be able to carry out an assessment of your own organisation against these best practices and develop an implementation plan for your business.


A good understanding of the practical operation of a data centre.

Course Syllabus

Syllabus covers:

  • Data Centre Primer
  • Background
  • Why the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) is needed
  • EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Admin)
  • Roles
  • Interactions & Interdependencies
  • EUCOC Section 2 - 
  • EUCOC Section 3 – Management
  • EUCOC Section 4 – IT
  • EUCOC Section 5 – Cooling
  • EUCOC Section 6 & 7 – Power and Other Systems
  • EUCOC Section 8 – Building
  • EUCOC Section 9 – Monitoring & Measurement
  • EUCOC Section 10 – 11 – Future Best Practices
  • Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

Practical Modules

  • Rack Build
  • Rack Installation
  • Cold – Hot Aisle Implementation
  • Contained Cold- Hot Aisle Implementation


  • EN 50600 Appreciation



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Course leader

John will be the Technical Director for the National Data Centre Academy, providing content and presenting the training for many courses in his area of knowledge, also providing his expertise in the build of the practical hands on aspect of the Academy.

As a well-known figure in EU data centre circles, primarily for his role as reviewer for the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) (EUCOC) programme and his work with the Certified Energy Efficiency Data Centre Award (CEEDA) & Data Centre Alliance Certification which assesses data centres to a subset of the EUCOC best practices and EN 50600 respectively.

John is Chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s (DCA) Energy Efficiency & member of the Sustainability steering group, shaping the DCA’s policy on these topics as well as providing support to the DCA in other steering groups and the Alliance’s wider activities.  He is the V Chair of the BCS, Chartered Institute for IT, Green IT specialist group.
John represents the BCS/DCA/Carbon3IT Ltd on the TCT7/3 committee that works upon the EN50600 Data Centres Design and Build Standards and KPI’s (PUE etc.).

John runs his own Green IT consultancy, Carbon3IT Ltd, providing support to organizations that are preparing to adopt various data centre standards including the more general standards such as Quality, Environment, Business Continuity, Information Security, and Energy Management. Carbon3IT Ltd  also provide specialist niche consultancy in the field of Green IT including Data Centre Energy Efficiency & Sustainability with a current focus on carbon footprinting for new and existing datacentres.

John is a lead auditor for ISO50001: (2011/2018) Energy Management Systems and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems, is a Certified Data Centre Audit Professional CDCAP TM (Recert 2018), a Certified Data Centre Sustainability Professional CDCSP™ and is an EMA ESOS registered Assessor.

John, as Technical Director and Lead Trainer for the NDCA will bring a wealth of hands on experience from assessing a wide range of Data Centre Environments and a real depth of knowledge from his work developing and implementing world wide standards.

John Booth of Carbon3IT Ltd

Technical Director and Lead Trainer


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